I looking into get a BBL with fat transfer from my stomach only? (Photos)

Do I have enough fat on my stomach to transfer to my buttocks to achieve a larger butt and hips?

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You definitely have enough fat on your abdomen to add to your buttocks and hips.  Also you may want to get rid of the fat on your love handles, for a much tiny waist line. 

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I looking into get a BBL with fat transfer from my stomach only?

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I would recommend liposuction of the abdomen and sides with fat transfer to the buttocks and hips.  You want to have the smallest waist you can to give the illusion of an even more impressive result.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA


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Thank you for the question and the photos. Honestly, I would NOT advise you to have the BBL. Your buttock is already round and full with a great shape! NO added fat is needed. 

If you wanted just the lipo of the abdomen, I would think that is an acceptable option. 

You should have several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons in your area before making any final decisions. As always, it's best to be healthy, no smoking, and make sure any health conditions you have are managed by your primary care doctor. Best to you. 


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Thank you for your question and photographs.

I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon so they can perform a physical examination of your body and give you the most accurate answers. When it comes to Brazilian butt lifts and achieving your cosmetic goals, there are several factors that you have to consider; how much fat the patient has to harvest, what areas you can harvest the fat from and how much to safely reinject into the buttocks for optimal fat survival. Sometimes it is a good idea to stage a BBL so you can increase the chance of fat survival because if you reinject too much at once, you have a higher chance of it not all surviving. When I perform a BBL, I will evaluate the patient’s body to make sure that they are a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift. It will also be assessed as to which areas will be liposuctioned. Depending on the amount of fat necessary to fill the buttocks area, multiple donor sites on the body may be considered. After liposuction has been performed, a closed sterile system is used which ensures the fat tissue is never exposed to the air. This keeps it safe and purified for reinjection into the buttocks. Our plastic surgery office uses P188, a triple-wash antibiotic that sterilizes the tissue and separates the healthy fat from any tissue that may not survive the transfer process. I will then reinject the fat to make sure that the layering is done properly, effectively and that the results are smooth and shapely. If you do not have enough fat to achieve your cosmetic goals then you may want to consider the combination of buttock implants along with fat grafting. I hope this helps.
Best of luck in your endeavors!

James Fernau, MD, FACS
Board Certified ENT
Board Certified Plastic Surgery
Member of ASPS, ASAPS, ISAPS, The Rhinoplasty Society, AAFPRS, OTO/HNS, ASLMS, International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics & Science

Brazilian Butt Lift/ Fat grafting/Liposuction/ High Definition Procedures/Butt Implants

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Thank you for your question.

From your photos, you appear to be an excellent candidate for Vaser Hi definition liposculpture with fat grafting to the buttocks.  You should get a great result from liposculpture, giving you a more contoured and hourglass shape with better projection to your buttocks.

Vaser Hi Definition liposuction uses the concepts of negative and positive spaces in relation to the underlying bony and muscle anatomy to define areas such as your six pack and create an athletic looking physique.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

Dr. Schwartz

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



BBL candidate

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If you only use the fat from your abdomen for a fat transfer to your buttock then you will have a limited outcome since 30-40% of the fat will shrink after surgery. Your expectations would need to be discussed in person with an experienced plastic surgeon at the time of your exam.

Best wishes,


Fat transfer from the abdomen

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You appear to have good skin quality in your abdomen. If the skin is tight then you should do well with liposuction. About 40 percent of fat injected into the buttocks will be reabsorbed so you just have to have realistic expectations about how much change you may see. From your photos you have amazing curves. I'm really not sure  how much curvier you could look. Sometimes more isn't better.

Are you a candidate

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Dee, luckily most women are a candidate for BBL.  The most common site to take the fat from is the abdomen, along with the flanks and back.  The flanks and back are usually included, not only to get more fat, but they allow contouring and narrowing of the waist as well as a deepening of the small of the back.  This improves the overall appearance of the shape, making it look curvier.  After your doctor examines you they should have a good idea of a realistic volume for transfer.  You appear to be a great candidate!  Good luck!


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You look great just the way you are!! If you are looking to improve your abdominal and flank area, liposuction will help make these areas smaller. If yu wanted to you could inject the excess fat into your buttock area, but seriously, you already look terrific.

Kimberly A. Henry, MD
Greenbrae Plastic Surgeon

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