Is it fractured? Lump on nose. (photo)

I have a lump on my nose and there is a Crack right above it. I woke up to bruising around it today. Is it possible for me to fracture my nose in my sleep? There is minor pain.

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Nasal “bump”: is it traumatic?

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Nasal bridges (the ‘dorsum’) commonly have a convexity or bump or hump. This may be bone, cartilage or both. Sometimes this is due to heredity and sometimes due to trauma. Or both. When it is small or slight, no treatment is usually indicated. But when it becomes bothersome to a person, then a consultation with a qualified surgeon can be helpful to understand the pros & cons of treatment. Sometimes trauma in one’s childhood, perhaps even a seemingly minor event, can affect how the nose matures during adolescence, and a bump or even deviation of the nose is the result. But minor trauma in adulthood does not usually fracture or injure the nose significantly. 

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Is it fractured? Lump on the nose

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It takes a lot of force to break the nose, so it's doubtful that I could get broken while sleeping. The dorsal hump is composed of both bone and cartilage which must be shaved down in order to remove it. Anytime there's been trauma to the nose, it's always best to seek out an ENT/facial plastic surgeon to document the extent of the fracture and trauma. A  formal rhinoplasty procedure can accomplish anything down the dorsal hump and straightening the bridge line.

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Hard to fracture your nose in your sleep

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While it's probably not impossible to fracture your nose in your sleep, it's pretty improbable. However, if the pain and swelling doesn't subside on it's own then schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to have it assessed in person.


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Fractured my nose in my sleep.

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It seems very unlikely that you fractured you nose while sleeping. The amount of force necessary certainly would get your attention and be memorable. You are always encouraged though to have a plastic surgeon take a look if you feel somehow your nose has been injured.

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Nasal Fracture

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It is possible to fracture your nose while asleep but unlikely.The real issue even if there was a fracture is weather there was significant movement of your nasal bones. If your nasal bones are not displaced nothing would be done ,if the nasal bones are displaced after the swelling resolves they would be re positioned.

Broken Nose?

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Thank you for your question.

While it is highly unlikely that you broke your nose in your sleep, especially to a degree where the bones are moved and can change the shape of your nose, if you are concerned, you are always welcome to have an examination by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.  They will evaluate the stability of your nose, examine the inside, and make further recommendations.


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