Very unhappy with BA & would like to know my rights/options. 3.5mpo/ HP silicone (Photo)

PS said I was "borderline" for lift. I asked if the implants would cause sagging, I was told they wouldn't & I had years before a lift. I flew from HI to the east coast for BA. I've sent pics & my concerns but he's been dismissive & said I can come back & pay for a new BA. They also appear to be flipped. I went to a new PS, he confirmed this. Should my PS should fix for free? I paid for a BA yet I don't have the results I asked for. I don't want to take a legal route, just want them fixed.

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Unhappy with breast augmentation results

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Your best option would be to visit some board certified plastic surgeons in Hawaii where you live.  An in-person evaluation can better determine what problems you are having and come up with some solutions to your concerns.  

One of the problems with traveling far away from home to have surgery is that the follow-up care is often limited and on the rare occasion when a complication develops, it can be difficult and expensive to get things corrected.

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