Is There a Different Name for O-Sling Procedure, That Deal with Lower Eye Lid?

I am considering upper and lower eye lid surgery and I recently read about O-Sling lower eye lid surgery where the sagging orbiculares muscle is pulled outward and over and then sutured down so as to lift and tighten the entire lower lid instead of just pulling the superficial layers of skin. Just wondering this is truly a new procedure or an existing procedure that are called with a new name.

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Is There a Different Name for O-Sling Procedure, That Deal with Lower Eye Lid

This procedure doesn't need a name, it is a surgical maneuver.  This is something that we have been doing for many years.  If someone has loose orbicularis causing a cosmetic problem then the orbicularis needs to be tightened. 

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O-Sling Procedure - Lower eyelid sling procedure

It is hard to say what procedure the O-Sling is by a cursory search on the doctor's website.

With any trademarked procedure, the patient must decide based on what the procedure actually is whether it makes sense, and whether the publications the doctor has on his procedure back up the claims.

Anybody with a lawyer can trademark a procedure name.

In general, skin only removal is never performed in our practice because it pulls down, sometimes subtly, sometimes not, on the lower eyelid, changing the eyelid shape for the worse.  Therefore, the muscle is often used as a sling.  There are many different procedures that do exactly that.

Below are referenced several publications and book chapters on the topic of lower eyelid surgery.

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Is There a Different Name for O-Sling Procedure, That Deal with Lower Eye Lid?

A horse by another name is still a horse. I agree with the previous expert posters. Make sure the chosen surgeon has experience in doing the "O" procedure or you may end up with the "U" operation. LOL From MIAMI DR. Darryl J. Blinski 

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Blepharoplasty: Current Techniques

The term O-sling is a new title for the treatment of the eyelid muscle. This technique has undergone many modifications and iterations with the current terminology being the latest. The importance and beauty of the technique is that it emphasizes that rejuvenation of the eye is not just removing skin, but treating the periocular complex.

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0-Sling lower lid procedure

It is a new name for something that we have been doing for years. It is truly rare to just remove skin when we perform a lower lid blepharoplasty. Some patients need this maneuver, others do not. We find this out during the examination.

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Lower Eyelid Tightening

Elevating and thigtening the orbiculares muscle and supporting it to the solid tissue beside the eye is standard procedure with modern blepharoplasty. This takes up the muscle and skin slack and supports the lid to prevent post operative problems.

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