I think I have an enlarged axillary lymph node on right side. Will this resolve in time?

I can feel a line, under the skin, from breast to armpit. Tender if pressed. I am 16 days post op. BA. 350cc subglandular. Inframammory incision. Drains in for 48 hours following surgery. No signs of infection. Some nipple sensitivity. No other pain. No swelling of lymph nodes visible.

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Tenderness and swelling at 2 weeks post-op following breast augmentation could be normal, but should be reported

At this point after surgery I would not expect you to be suddenly developing new areas of tenderness and swelling.  Having said that, there certainly are areas which can remain firm, tender, or swollen for weeks after surgery.  Without knowing much about you or your surgery, or having the ability to examine you, it will be impossible for us to provide much useful information here.  It is always best if you contact your surgeon's office directly to report any concerns like this.  They will know best if it's something that can be watched or you should come in for a visit to be sure everything is OK.  Good luck.

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