My hair looks worse after PRP. Is this common?

Hello there. I am a young adult female with over all thinning hair. I recently did 4 shots of prp. After doing the first shot, I lost a ton of hair. My hair still keeps shedding like before. I'm starting to think this was a big waste of money. No baby hairs are coming out. Is this common? Or am I the only unfortunate case? I'm devastated. Thank you.

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what do you mean by "recently"? After PRP, growth can occur months after the treatment. Did you get before and after photos? Many people think that they did not have growth, but when they look at their photos, growth is evident?

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In my opinion, you need to be evaluated by hair loss expert. PRP works best for people with androgenic alopecia also known as female pattern alopecia. In your case, a diagnosis needs to be certain. If you have hair loss from some other etiology, The PRP will not be of assistance. Find a PRP expert. Good luck 

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Knowing What's Normal with Prp for Hair Loss Treatments

Anything that stimulates hair growth can result in some shedding which can resolve. I recommend getting a formal consultation with a hair loss expert. I have all my patients use viviscal, rogaine, and propecia when getting prp/progesterone. Best, Dr. Emer

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