Suturing forehead laceration with nylon threads?

There were 9 nylon sutures placed on forehead (they had long enough tail for easy removal). However, on removal day, there were only 5 nylon sutures seen on the forehead with 1 of the suture the knot already unravel and you just pull it out. Can the other 4 accidentally fall off while washing face? Where would the other 4 go? The forehead had been thorougly examined and couldn't find these 4 nylon threads.

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Nylon suture removal from forehead

It is possible for sutures to unravel. Generally surgeons try to avoid this, because the sutures are placed for a reason. That said, nylon is a "slippery" suture and if the knots aren't tied "square" it is possible that the other four fell out during activities like washing, changing clothes, removing the dressing or through rubbing on the pillow at night.

From what you describe it sounds unlikely that there are any sutures left in your wound. I hope the wound heals beautifully; be sure to keep the scar out of the sun while it is healing and to use scar management techniques (such as taping, massage, silicone) to minimise the visibility of the healed scar.

Good luck!

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Suturing forehead laceration with nylon threads?

It is possible for suture knots to come undone but this is unusual. Given that very fine sutures are used in the forehead, it is possible for the suture to "fall out" if the know fails to hold. However, this does not commonly occur. There is nothing more to do at this point considering that all of your sutures are removed. I hope that your laceration has healed well. I hope this information is helpful.

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