Yellowish drainage from nipple incision site. (photos)

I am 5 weeks out from a breast implace removel procedure. It was a nippl incision. About a week ago I began getting thin, yellowish drainage from the incision on each nipple. No smell. No fever or pain. I have been caring for it by washing and putting clean gauze until my Dr's aptmt in 2 weeks but I'm wondering if I am making the right decision by caring for it at home. The pic below is how the incisions look. Can I continue to care from home until Oct 17?

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Yellow is drainage from nipple incision site.

THank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Though there is no clear cause for concern in your photographs, and yellow drainage (serum) may be part of the normal healing process I would reach out to your surgeon to inform them of this change in your recovery.  It looks as if you need a suture removed from your incision repair site so perhaps both issues can be taken care of at one time.  Best wishes. 

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Areolar wound discharge

Based on your pictures and the fact that you are 5 weeks out from your surgery I doubt the slight discharge is a serious problem. You may be having a reaction to one of the deep sutures as your body is absorbing it. Those issues are usually taken care of with just routine soap and water. Keep your appt as scheduled of course and if your skin turns red or the discharge increases please let your physician know. 


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Incision drainage

It is unlikely based on your photos and description that the drainage is anything to worry about, but it is best to inform your surgeon and get his/her opinion on how to care for it.  Your surgeon knows best the details of your surgery and how you have been progressing through recovery.

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