Would Venus Freeze help my downturned lips? (Photo)

Which non invasive skin tightening treatments would best address my downturned lips and overall skin laxity? Ulthera is an option, but my last, as it seems to be the most expensive.

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Lifting lips and tightening skin

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You have to ask yourself the question, "Are my facial features and contours changing from simple laxity or is volume loss and muscle contraction at play?"

Downturned lips are very common - and it's not always an age dependent issue. Sometimes it's the repeated nature of facial expressions...similar to the frown lines we get on our forehead.

From a photo-perspective (never the best option since our faces are 3D) it appears a lot of your perceived laxity may be more volume loss / volume deficiency.

RF treatments for tightening the skin have some subtle  impact, but don't change facial volume. I would recommend that you consider both collagen stimulation with Sculptra, fillers and possibly a touch of Botox (can lift those mouth corners in a lot of instances).

Still the only true assessment in one done in the presence of your physician who can then accurately gauge the needs you might have and the best way to address them.

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