Can your tummy tuck still leave you with a belly? (photos)

Its been 4 months since my tummy tuck and my stomach still isnt flat Im so unhappy is this normal looking? Can a tummy tuck leave you with a belly?

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Liposuction can enhance your tummy tuck results.

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Thank you for your question and photos. I’m sorry to hear you’re not satisfied with your results. With a tummy tuck, the main goal is to remove excess skin from the abdomen and leave behind a flatter, firmer stomach. That said, liposuction of the abdomen should be part of the process to further flatten your midsection and enhance the skin tightening that the tummy tuck achieved. I would suggest you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to get a full exam and explore your options. Best of luck to you.

Tummy tuck residual belly

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The short answer is yes! It all depends on the height and weight of the person at the time of surgery. Much of the fat exists in the abdomen itself behind the abdominal wall. This fat cannot be removed surgically. You need to discuss your results with a board certified plastic surgeon

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Madison Plastic Surgeon
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