Why is my TT scar higher on one side?

I just had a tt scar revision due to a hypertrophic scar, and a bit of lipo on my abdomen . However, I now noticed my PS made the scar way lower on the left side and higher on the right. It has only been 10 days since the revision, and I am quite disappointed. I also see a little puckering at the location of the drain, will this resolve? I stressed this before and feel he didn't listen to my concerns.

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Scar revision after TT

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I appreciate your concern but it is still early in your post op journey to be concerned yet. Also sometimes if only part of the scar was revised it may look way off in the beginning, but should even out. Follow up with your surgeon and try to be patient.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck scar

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As you know, all scars go through a maturation process that can take many many months. Many patients express concern with scar placement or puckering early in the post operative period. Rest assured that your scar will without doubt get better with time

Different levels

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Depending on what your plastic surgeon had to excise, the final position of the scar will be pulled one way or the other.  You are very early and what you see now may not be the final position.  You will find that when the scars mature and lighten (usually over a year or more0 the final position won't be too much of an issue.  You may have to be careful of what style bathing suit you wear, but this would be an issue anyway.

Virgil Willard, MD
High Point Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck

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It is my pleasure to answer your question. Please post a picture of your tummy so i can give you my orientations.

Aramis Vega, MD
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Too early to judge outcome

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The puckering at the drain exit site will resolve over the next 6 months.  There may be more swelling on one side vs. the other with respect to the scar position, especially since you also had liposuction.

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