What surgery is required to fix downward drooping left eye? (Photo)

The right side of my face is well developed compared to my left which is not. Could this be fixed by tightening the lateral canthal or wouldn't it work due to weaker, underdeveloped bones under the eye. I understand it is difficult to assess based on the cropped picture and without CT scan.

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Lateral Canthopexy

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Thank you for the picture. It's always helpful.

Based on the picture, I would recommend a bilateral -lateral canthopexy.

This would help lift the "droop" of your lower lid line. The canthopexy procedure is a well tolerated procedure with great results. The procedure can be done under both general and local sedation.

I hope this helps.

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What surgery is required to fix downward drooping eye?

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Usually lateral canthoplasty alone is not enough and additional lower eyelid surgery is needed to make the eyes more symmetric and almond shape. See following link.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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Surgery to create eyelid symmetry

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Thank you for your question.  Creating facial symmetry may often require addressing the 3-dimensional topography of the face and orbits.  The differences between the two sides can be due to bony as well as soft tissue asymmetry which is present, to varying degrees, in all humans.  Based on the picture provided, conservative eyelid repositioning may be performed, with or without dermal fillers to the periorbital area, to achieve greater symmetry.  However, a complete in-person clinical assessment with a specialist is necessary to determine the best treatment options for your.  Good luck!

Paul Nazemi, MD
Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon

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