Seeking refund after zero results (and traumas) after fat transfer to breasts.

6 mos ago, I got fat transfer to breasts. In 2 wks, 90% of the fat gone from one breast, the other became hard, inflamed, & grew 2 cups in 10 days. Never been in more pain. Injured breast had to be drained- 12 oz. Smelled awful. 100% of fat gone in < a month. At 3 month follow up, doc admitted he could have taken more fat out & offered to do "again". Due to my complications, I refused. The only thing that would rectify this injury & zero results is a refund. Surgeon knows I'm unhappy. Thx!

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Sorry for your result

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I'm sorry for your bad outcome, which was completely unanticipated. The best thing is to seek the opinion of a breast surgeon with many years of experience in this matter, and there aren't many, unfortunately.As for a return of money from your surgeon (usually not called a 'refund'), the exact amount and type would have to be discussed directly with him. Financial responsibilities for complications are usually the patient's but most surgeons are flexible.Best of luck.Leland Deane MD FACSManhattan, NYGarden City, NYBabylon, NY

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There are risks to ANY surgery

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Dear SeekinganswersNYC,
Sometimes there are no answers.  ALL surgery, no matter how minor, carries risks and uncertainties.  When you sign your informed consent you are signing a contract that basically states that you understand that there are risks and uncertainties to your specific planned procedure.  Of course, ALL possible complications cannot be predicted or anticipated.  It sounds as if you suffered a loss of the fat that was injected, and possibly an infection, both of which are known potential risks to the surgery.  I have emphasized on this forum again and again that surgery is NOT a trip to the hair salon.  Too many patients continue to believe that surgery is risk free.  The human body is, and will remain unpredictable.  

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