Scar Tissue or Surgical Glue Above Dissolvable Stitches? Septorhinoplasty. (photo)

The yellow structure inside of R nostril is dissolvable stitches, which is in the same place in both nostrils. I'm curious about the pink structure above it which is also in both nostrils same place but seems bigger in R side. They don't hurt. Is it likely surgical glue or scar tissue? I had open septo/rhino on Oct 1 w/ sinus & turbs, NO nostril reduction just profile and tip work. what's a possible reason for incisions/stitches inside both nostrils, against the outer walls -across from septum?

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Rhinoplasty issue

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The structure you are talking about is probably the cartilage of your nasal tip that is most likely swollen.

Scar tissue inside nose

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The photo you sent is very pixelated so it is hard to see 100%. What I do see in your right nostril is the leading edge of your lateral tip cartilage. It will settle nicely

David A. F. Ellis, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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