Price for lower eyelid surgery to remove Bellafill?

I want to have my bellafill remove it from my lower eyelid i got it on April 29th and I just hate the results it's see and feel lines under my eyes specially right eye. I live in nyc and I'm looking for a good dr and wondering the cost of it. I already went to one dr and she wants to charge me 13000 in total. I think it's very expensive. I don't need skin to be removed just the bellafill which Its obvious and I think easy to find because it's recent and It can be see and feel. Ny or nj would be great

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Removing filler from lower eyelids

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Injections to the lower eyelid can be very tricky.  There is very little room for error.  The use of permanent fillers and even fat to fill the hollows of the lower eyelid is often times a precursor to dissatisfaction.  I agree that the price you were quoted to have your eyelids evaluated and repaired is exorbitant.  Removing permanent filler is not easy but can certainly be done.  

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