Can liquid silicone be removed from buttocks by injecting Saline into the buttock then draining it by making incisions?

I recently went to a consultation with Dr.Sahine (Nyc) after seeing his video on YouTube where he was squeezing out the liquid silicone. Talking to him it made sense the reaction when oil meets water. He did not guarantee it all coming out only what was still liquid my butt is soft I do not have any hard lumps .I've never heard of no other Doctor doing this method and I'm just wondering if there is any truth to this or if he's just jerking me around.

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Removing silicone from the buttocks

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Silicone removal is possible from soft tissue. The technique described is one of a few treatments that I use for silicone removal but it does not work as a cookie cutter answer for everyone. 

Dr. Karamanoukian
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