Considering Lasik or PRK... Can I Be a Candidate?

Hi, I have Astigmatism in both eyes and recently got my eyes checked at eye center and here are my results. OD: S:-9.25/C:-1.75/A:003 OS: S:-8.50/C:-1.50/A: 175 The doctor also mentioned to me that I have thinning cornea in both eyes but no tears. I have developed to tiny adjacent holes near my retina of my right eye. Just wanted to know if I can be a candidate for laser surgery? Thank you for taking the time to read my question!

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Not enough info

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There is not enough information here to determine your candidacy. You should see a refractive surgeon for a consultation. I have offices in NYC if you are interested. If you are not a candidate for laser vision correction, there may be other options which can help.

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