I live in NYC and would like to do rhino (bulbous nose), ba and lipo? Is that possible?

Multiple surgeries

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Breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty can be performed simultaneously. I can give you a good idea with photographs what can be done to improve your nose. The breast augmentation needs measurements and sizing

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Rhino (bulbous nose), ba and lipo? Is that possible?

yes if you are healthy and not planning a ultra major or multi area  lipo then all three procedures in one sitting is possible definitely,just make sure your hemoglobin level is 12g up  to be on safe side,ofcourse choosing a good competent doctor is of prime importance

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Multiple Procedures

If you are healthy (and this would be based on your getting proper medical clearance, including blood work), it is likely that you could have all three procedures *safely* at the same time. Please find a board certified plastic surgeon who is expert in rhinoplasties, not a lipo doctor who might not have much experience on the face. It will be very important for you to do your research! The facility should be certified and there should be a proper, board-certified anesthesiologist to ensure you are well monitored during your outpatient surgery. 

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Breast augmentation rhino and lipo

Hello and thank you for the question and the photos.

This question is best answered in the office, where you can be measured and examined. Generally, it is also best to have the opportunity to try on several sizers to see how the implants fit your frame. 

Yes, it is common and safe to do multiple procedures together. As long as you are healthy the risks are low. This is done under full anesthesia as an out patient basis. 

You should consider factoring 2 weeks off of work and about a month out of the gym. 

You should have several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons before making any final decisions. 

As always, best to be healthy, no smoking, and make sure any health concerns you have are managed by your primary care md. 

Best to you.

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