I've a deviated septum that offsets my tip causing a very slight crooked appearance - how minimal can my procedure be? (photos)

I have a deviated septum and a bit of a crooked tip. Most people don't notice it until I point it out, but it is most prominent in photographs and this is important to me. I have had consultations- spreader grafts were suggested to create a straight bridge.However, I like my thin nose and am wondering if a closed septoplasty will yield positive results, as the deviation is minor. In photo renderings by doctors the end result seemed to cause my tip to not like up with my middle lip as well. Why?

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Rhinoplasty Goals

The deviation of your septum and your nasal tip can be improved with septoplasty/rhinoplasty. You can achieve increased tip refinement with either a closed or open approach. A greater amount of refinement is probably possible with the open approach vs. the closed. Both approaches can give you a natural appearing, attractive nose. The best way to achieve that is to find a surgeon experienced with rhinoplasty and spend the time to make sure your vision is in line with your surgeon's.

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Crooked Nose

The lower 2/3s of you nose appears to deviate to the right.  (To better analyze this I would have to see more standard photos and a personal consultation).  It has been my observation that such deviation is frequently part of a significant septal deviation.  To correct this cartilaginous deviation I usually have to do a septoplasty and then reset the middle vault of the nose.  This typically requires the placement of spreader grafts, although I have done it endonasally and with the use of an autospreader technique.  The trick is what follows - you may need tip work in order to align everything.  One man's opinion!

If you have it corrected - then go through with what it needs to be done successfully.  If you really feel it is a minor deviation - then leave it alone.

These things are hard to decide at times.  Do what you are doing - get good opinions before you proceed.

Good luck!

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