I did a BBL and lipo yesterday but I can't lay all day on my tummy. Can I use the booty pillow today for a few minutes to sit?

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BBL Sitting, driving, working

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Sitting for 20 minutes at a time is good interval with activity of 5 minutes in between to reduce DVT formation. But remember your fat grafts are not completely immobile for up to 2 months and can be moved with pressure from your body weight.

Experience with facial and BBL fat grafts in practice and current literature supports the thought that the low oxygen state of the fat grafts send signals to stem cells for new cell growth and new blood vessel growth into the low oxygen area. Anything that would decrease oxygen supply to the area would delay growth and cause more reabsorption on the fat grafts.

A few of the research supported factors that would delay oxygen supply to the grafts include:
Decrease blood circulation due to blood pressure changes:
  • body weight compression ( Sitting and lying) with pressure greater than systolic blood pressure (main cause of nursing home bed soars)
  • decreased blood supply form generalized hypotension
Vasoconstrictive agents which decrease the rate of oxygen flowing to the fat grafts:
  • nicotine ( one inhalation of puff of a cigarette will constrict vessels for 16 hours)
  • caffeine (watch your tea, 5 hour energy, decaf, chocolate)
Reduced angiogenesis:
  • A diet rich in green vegetables has been proven to reduce the ability for new blood vessel branches to grow into the low oxygen area
Ok, My patients have had great success in using a foam yoga matt rolled up really tight and trimmed to the width of their office chair. The matt compresses and conforms to your posterior thighs and sits on the very front of your office chair seat. You can adjust the height of your matt to keep your buttocks from touching the chair by unrolling and trimming the length. This will do the job by keeping pressure off the buttocks, but not raise you too high in the seat. You can use this in the car and on the toilet if needed. An additional smaller matt can hang form the back of your chair to fit into the small lower back and keep the back of your buttocks of the chair back.

I hope this helps. Wish you well, and a quick recovery.

Dr McAdoo

I did a BBL and lipo yesterday but I can't lay all day on my tummy. Can I use the booty pillow today for a few minutes to sit

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My patients use the boppy pillow /booty buddy for 2-3 weeks. Sit upright when going to the bathroom. Walking is encouraged after liposuction. I would not recommend prolonged sitting for at least 2 weeks.   Review with your surgeon your Post op instructions and follow his recommendations. Best wishes


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Thank you for your question. I advise my patients to stay off of their buttocks for two weeks after their BBL.

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