Dent and Lump on sides of bridge 3mo post rhinoplasty (photo)

I am 3 mo post rhinoplasty. On one side of the bridge, I have a dark shadow (in red) which can be seen in certain lighting. I feel it's a dent when I run my finger over it. On the opposite side is a hard bump (green) about the size of a pimple under the skin. It's hard as bone, makes skin above appear a bit white when light reflects off of the bump bc it's pressing upward. Will this get worse?what may have caused this (unpredictable healing or surgeon) and is it worth revision? can it heal this way again

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Dent and Lump on sides of bridge 3mo post rhinoplasty

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Nothing can be seen in the posted photo as you describe. If yo are SOOOO concerned see your surgeon to discuss either revision surgery or trying fillers to areas in question.. 

Your photos are not adequate to judge your indentation after Rhinoplasty Surgery.

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May I suggest re-asking your question with a full-face photo, or at least a close-up of your entire nose, so the expert doctors at RealSelf could address your concerns.

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