Crooked Smile and Tingly Half Lip? (photo)

I am 2 weeks out from getting a chin implant and half of my lower lip and chin is fine but the other half is and has been tingly/numb & feels swollen (looks normal), almost like I am having an allergic reaction and it is making me nuts. It feels a bit better after I apply lip balm but I don't know if there is such a thing as over doing that as well as I seem to be applying it nonstop. Also my smile is crooked, but not on the side where its numb. When can I expect improvement? Can I speed it up?

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Crooked Smile and Tingly Half Lip?

 The crooked smile can be the result of the chin implant volume or a weakened motor nerve Marginal Mandibular Nerve) to the lower lip.  A motor nerve injury is very rare and you should follow up with your plastic and cosmetic surgeon.  The tingling is from partial injury to the sensory nerve to the lower lip called the mental nerve.  

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Crooked Smile and Tingly Half Lip?

Call see your surgeon IN PERSON to discuss this post operative issue! Obviously your pre operative informed consent was not given or not understood ad these issue can occur in the surgery you had. 

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Chin implant recovery

It's difficult to give you complete advice without seeing photos of you before the implant was placed.  It is not unusual to have some temporary numbness after chin augmentation surgery.  Swelling is normal as well and sometimes both sides do not heal at the same rate.  Since it's only been 2 weeks since your surgery, I would expect both the swelling and numbness to improve with time.  If you have any concern or if your issues are not improving, you should contact your surgeon to be evaluated.    

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