Crooked Lower 1/3 of Nose at 3 Months--what Are the Odds It Will Resolve?

I like my nose and i know I'm being picky here. I don't think I would get a revision. my nose was crooked to the opposite side before surgery; what are the odds this will resolve?My doctor told me there is a chance it won't resolve. I am shocked bc I am Not used to hearing doctors tell the truth. Can sleeping taped straighter or into the cast help symmetry if it is due to swelling or help the cartilages heal straight? My doctor said no but I want to hear some more thoughts.

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Crooked lower 1/3 of the nose at 3 months

I would agree with your doctor in that at this 3 month period, it's unlikely that your nose will become straighter either on its own, or with conservative measures such as taping and splinting. You shouldn't be shocked that your surgeon is being honest. If he or she wants to continue to have patients come into the practice, then they should be honest. Word gets out quickly regarding surgeons who treat patients badly.

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