Can You Combine Brazilian Butt Lift with Natural Breast Augmentation (Fat Transfer)? (photo)

28 y/o 4'11 120lbs

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Bbl and Breast augmentation

If you have enough fat for both areas fat transfer to the buttocks and breast is a great option , however most of our patients rather have breast augmentation with an implant than with fat transfer, mostly because there's the risk of having absorption of the fatty tissue having as a result a different size than expected,  in in buttocks fat transfer is better than implants because of the natural shape results, and fat can be used to fill out the hips.

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Can the BBL and breast augmentation using fat grafting be combined under 1 operation?

The BBL is widely accepted as the preferred technique for buttock augmentation. It leads to a very natural result and has shown to be a safe procedure. Fat grafting into the breasts is still in its trial phase. It has not yet been approved by the American Society of Plastic surgeons as a routine procedure. There are safety issues involved. The procedure still needs more time to be able to  gather sufficient data to be recommended as safe and reliable. We perform many combined BBL and breast augmentations using an implant which is what I would recommend at this time.

George Lefkovits, MD
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Fat Transfers to Buttock and Breasts

Fat transfers to the buttocks has become quite popular over the past several years and breast augmentation with fat is gaining traction. Unlike implants (either breast or buttock) which give very reproducible and predictable results, fat grafts can be more variable based on the amount of fat that survives.

Augmenting both the buttocks and breasts at the same time requires the harvest of a lot of fat from other areas- abdomen, flanks, thighs, upper back, etc. It is difficult to tell if you have enough from your photos to address both sites. I recommend a consultation with a board-certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience in both procedures.

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BBL and fat augmentation to your breasts

Fat can be used to increase your buttock (BBL) and also for breast augmentation. Both procedures work great when done by a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in these procedures. It does not appear that you have enough fat to get a get result to both. I recommend choosing which procedure you want more, and use all the fat for that. Personally, a BBL would be my choice because butt implatns don't do well. Breast implants however, look and feel natural and is a great procedure. You should seek an in-person consultation to discuss this in more detail.

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Brazilian Buttock enlargement and Breast enlargement

It does not appear that you will have enough fat for both breast and buttock enlargement. You could probably have some degree of buttock enhancement with fat if the breast were not also involved. Breast Augmentation is safely and very well done with implants. Without an examination to provide further clarity it is hard to say much more regarding your needs.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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"Natural" Breast Augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift

Dear Boobie128,

Thank you for your question and the photos.  It appears that you have enough fatty tissue for harvesting and performing a BBL with the expectation of a very good result.  

Concerning performing a fat transfer for breast augmentation, this procedure is still not fully agreed upon as an acceptable technique for breast enlargement.  There are many studies underway examining the short and long-term issues of using fat transfers for breast enlargement.  Where these studies are being performed can be obtained from either The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) at or The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) at  If you are interested in participating in one of these studies, please contact one of the research centers who can inform you about the procedure and selection protocols.  Sadly, many doctors(surgeons and non-surgeons) have jumped the gun and are marketing "natural" breast augmentation even though we are still researching this technique.  I would not suggest having a breast enlargement with fat unless you are being followed by one of the study sites at this time.  

Herluf G. Lund, Jr, MD
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BBL and fat transfer breast augment

Several comments.  Fat transfer for breast augmentation is in its infancy now; there are significant risks of fat necrosis and, at the present time, I would would not recommend it.  In terms of BLL, your photo isn't clear but my reaction is that you may need a procedure to improve your abdomen before deciding whether to augment your buttocks.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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