Is arm lipo the most difficult recovery?

I am considering fat transfer to the breasts (with Brava) and my doctor identified my back, stomach, and hips as possible donor sites. I asked if she could take a little from my arms and she said she could, however, I have heard that the arm lipo recovery is really painful. Any advice? thank you!

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Is arm lipo the most difficult recovery?

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Hi Ava and thank you for your question.  Lipo areas in general can have some tightness and discomfort. Because your arms move more than say, your stomach, you may notice the discomfort more in this area.  It's wise to follow your surgeon's instructions and be sure to be moving around to help with your circulation and swelling.  Best of luck!

Dr. K.

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Arm liposuction recovery

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Recovery from liposuction of the arms is no more painful or difficult than any other part of the body. In our practice with proper phone padding in the right garment most patients have no bruising and minimal swelling. Most of the discomfort comes from the swelling and bruising. You should ask your surgeon what she does to prevent this. People may just be more aware of the swelling in their arms because they use them more then their legs in every day life

Andrew Kaczynski, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

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