4 years post op, right side breast looks much lower/ bigger. Any suggestions?

I got my surgery 4 years and 2 months ago. I noticed within the last 6 months that my right side appears about an inch or two lower on the bottom and bigger. My left side implant is higher as I can feel the implant start about an inch before my right side on top. My surgeon suggested taking vitamin E but I don't see any progress. What are my options?

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4 Years Post Op


Thank you for your question however it is difficult to comment meaningfully without an exam or photos. If you feel hardening and discomfort in one breast you need to be examined in person and follow up with potential treatment for capsular contracture. It is best that you meet with your Plastic Surgeon in person for instruction.

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Need for in office consultation

Please follow up with your surgeon for an in office consultation, and if not satisfied with the evaluation and treatment plan, you may even want to obtain a second opinion.  Several things may explain your concerns such as capsular contracture but this is best diagnosed with physical examination. 

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4 years post op, right side breast looks much lower/ bigger. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your question.Despite good intentions, online consultants will not be able to provide you (in any responsible fashion) with specific enough advise to be truly helpful. Given your concerns, you'll be best off seeking follow-up with your plastic surgeon, earlier that already scheduled if necessary, for in person evaluation.

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