Can volume along with length be added to the prejowl area?

I had chin and jaw reduction surgery and do not like the results. I now have an asymmetric chin that is too narrow with a prejowl sulcus. I would like to fill in the prejowl area but also lengthen it to make the angle going to my chin less sharp. I now have a "V" shaped chin and I am seeking to make it a little more "U" shaped. I am seeking a permanent solution. I am aware of the prejowl implants but can they also all slightly length in the prejowl area?

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Volume in prejowl area after surgery

Filler can be placed along the jaw line to round it out but I would wait awhile after surgery to allow inflamation to subside.  Alternatively a fat transfer to the area may can be done.  Evaluation by an experienced injector needs to be done for a definitive answer.

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