Asking about when to start treatment to keep existing hair after FUE.

Is it ok to start Biotin directly after FEU to maintain existing hair or I have to wait for 15 days? And when I can start using Finasteride and Minixidil after FEU ??

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It is best to ask your doctor for medication options and post operative care. There is no right answer and every doctor is diff

It is best to ask your doctor for medication options and post operative care.  There is no right answer and every doctor is different.

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Using a comprehansive approach to #hairloss

We do hair restoration to replace lost hair in the thinning areas and start medical hair regiment for slowing down future hair loss of the native hair. You can start rogaine after a couple of days and finistrade right away.  Vitamins can help keep hair healthy so you can start that right away as well.

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Hair growth medicines and FUE

We usually do not discontinue Finasteride for the surgery, we keep it on. We do stop all vitamins and Minoxidil 2 weeks before the hair transplant procedure.Topical applications for hair growth can be started after 3 weeks.

Biotin after FUE

Biotin has no value in producing growth from FUE. A good surgery is always what guarantees the best growth

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When to start medical treatment of AGA after an FUE procedure

loaimz,To maximize the medical regimen's ability to minimize the risk of shock loss requires starting the regimen months before the surgery. Using a talented hair restoration surgeon can greatly decrease the risk of shock loss also. The medical regiment should be started as soon as possible. 
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Treatment after FUE

you can certainly start biotin immediately after FUE.  I have found viviscal to give a better result than biotin personally, but ask your hair surgeon what their personal preference is as they may have better results with other supplements.  In regards to minoxidil, I usually tell my patients to wait until the crusting is off from the recipient sites - this may be anywhere from 5 to 10 days after the procedure.  In regards to finasteride the same.  I suggest you contact your hair clinic's doc and see what their personal preferences are post operatively, as everyone has their own particular care which works best for them.  I know I am very specific with how and when people are allowed to do certain things depending on what "milestones" they reach - but that is also how I manage to get the results that I want! Best of luck.  I hope some of this helps.

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