Can mons pubis lipo and or lift of the mons be done w/o a tummy tuck?

I wanted to know if mons pubis lipo and a lift can be done without a tummy tuck? I have a belly which I'm trying to lose but don't know if I actually want a tummy tuck yet. Can the mons be done alone even though I have belly fat? Quite a bit of belly fat. Im5" 7 220lbs and had a csection over 10 years ago. I'm having a consultation Friday for the mons just the mons.

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Can mons pubis lipo and/or lift of the mons be done without a tummy tuck?

Thank you for sharing your question.  Yes a monsplasty can be performed without having a tummy tuck performed, which can be saved for a second stage once you have lost your desired weight.  Hope this helps. 

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Mons lipo without tummy tuck?

Yes, certainly these procedures can be done without a tummy tuck! In some instances is best to do the procedures together, however is not always the case.  The C-Section scar may need to be revised/lifted as well and it may benefit to have some liposuction of the abdomen done at same time to contour the lower abdomen. A tummy tuck can always be completed at a later date, prob best to wait at least 6 months to heal though.

Dr Robert D Moore

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Can Mons lipoplasty be done without a tummy tuck?

Dear Donnainct,

Thank you for writing in with your question.  Yes you can have the mons lipo and lift without having the tummy tuck, but many doctors recommend having them done at the same time.   Weight loss can take a while since it takes time to put it on, however, and doing the mons first may be a motivator for you to work on the rest of yourself. Get more than one opinion before moving forward with surgery in order to get as much information as possible to make the best decision for you.

I hope this information is helpful and best of luck in achieving your goals!


Dr. Troy Robbin Hailparn

Troy Hailparn, MD
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Lipo and lift of the mons

Yes, Lipo of the mons can be performed before an abdominoplasty. The C-section scar can be used to lift your mons upwards but would require some lip of the lower abdomen for a smoother result.
Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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Mons pubis

It is possible to just treat the mons but it would probably make sense if you are a candidate for tummy tuck to do both at the same time.

Steven Wallach, MD
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You can do a mons lift without a tummy tuck

Certainly. The mons lift can be done before, during or after a tummy tuck. If you are staging these procedures, you should wait 6-12 months for the mons lift to heal before scheduling the tummy tuck.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
Jersey City OB/GYN
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