What can be don't about my Mons Pubis? (photos)

I am a 35 yr old female one pregnancy via csection in 2005. I have always had a protruding mons pubis and I want to know would liposuction help or would I need a lift? How much would something like that cost? This has been a source of extreme embarrassment for me all my life.

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Mons pubis

You may be suitable for liposuction only or an excision as well. It's best to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

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MonsPlasty can be helpful

The contouring of the skin and fat in pubic area is referred to as a monsplasty.  Correction can include fat removal either by direct excision or liposuction, skin removal and/or scar revision.  The best selection of procedures should be done after a detailed physical examination and consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Good Luck!

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Mons Pubis Liposuction and Lift


You would likely benefit from liposuction contouring of the mons pubis and possibly a lift as well.
It is impossible to determine your best options without an examination to assess the degree of skin laxity.
If needed, a lift  would be performed via your C-section scar and would treat any skin folds present
in the area.
Fees vary depending on the type of surgery performed but can range between $2000 for liposuction alone
and upwards of $4500 for lipo and tuck.  Local anesthesia can be used alone or  in conjunction with sedation. 


Dr. Pedy Ganchi
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Mons pubis

Certainly if the mons pubis is thick with fatty excess, liposuction may be beneficial.  Best to be seen in person.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Mons Lipo or Mons Lift?

The decision usually depends on the looseness or tightness of the skin. If the skin is loose, lipo will leave the area deflated, saggy and possibly wrinkled and a lift would be better. If the skin is tight and elastic, lipo should do the job. You appear to be the borderline between the two procedures and might benefit from lipo with a mini skin-only lift using the cesarean scar as the site of suspension.

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Mons Issue

Hi, thanks for your question. It appears that weight loss will be your best bet up front and then when you maximize your weight loss liposuction to the area should work very nicely. At this point it does not appear that you need a lift. 

Best at of luck to you! 

Dr Robert D Moore

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