How long must I wait after deep plane FL to correct bad pixie ears and horrible vertical banding on neck?

6 months out and now developed bad ear-ache on one side. Neck banding is not improving. I believe the dr buried stitches in my ear cartledge and tried to pull the location of my ears further down on my face something does not normal . Earlobes uneven, stretched, and stitched to my jaw . Believe some nerve damage with weakness on one side of lower lip and when I touch the skin behind the ear on that side ,I get a very strange sensation at the top of the ear. I am DONE with this horrible dr.

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Although 1 year is the 'magic' number for revisions, the timing of revision surgery depends upon a number of factors...while the time course for scar tissue remodeling and skin relaxation can be a year or beyond, it can be considerably shorter/longer for some addition, a reasonable surgeon often needs to take into consideration the degree of the deformity and how compelling it is for the patient, comorbid factors like complications from the initial surgery and their prognosis, and whether or not a revision can achieve reasonable outcome for a particular patient 

All of these issues (and others) are best evaluated and discussed in person with an experienced revision surgeon

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Face lift revision

It is always best to wait for one year if possible before revising the facelift.  However limited changes can be done around the ear even at 6 months.  The lip weakness continues to improve with time.  The strange sensation by touching in certain areas is also time-limited.  Given that you had all these issues it is best to give it one whole year for everything to heal before you decide on any revision of the facelift.


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How long must I wait after deep plane FL to correct bad pixie ears and horrible vertical banding on neck?

Complex judgment. You need to wait until you have enough extra skin to pull the earlobes up. It might be a while. A nerve behind the ear may have been injured and it's possible that it may get better by itself. You need to see someone in person.  

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