I have very precise lines on my face when I smile and I'm only 19? (Photo)

I hate smiling in pictures because of how many lines appear on my face. Ever since I was little I've felt like my face droops downward and isn't pulled back at all, I can both see it and feel it and I've always hated it. My under eyes are super puffy when I smile and there's just so many lines around my eyes. Also my eyelids seem to have a lot of skin and feel heavy sometimes. I'm wondering what it is, if it's normal, and what I should do?

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Marionette line

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Hi and thanks for your question.

It depends on amount of volume loss and laxity of skin . I usually suggest a combination therapy of dermafiller and either laser clear lift or radio frequency . We can also add absorbable threads in combination of dermafiller . I highly recommend to see an expert physician for consult 

Lines at a young age

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everyone's anatomy is different. There are people who get lines at a young age. I have used Botox on people as young as 20 when needed for a particularly bad line. It's often genetic. 

Rebecca Baxt, MD
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