Is folic acid good for hair growth?

I am 20 year old with severe hair falling problem. I have heard that folic acid is really good for hair growth. Is it only for pregant women? I have never had a health problem so do u think there will be any side of effect of using it? Can you give me a short review on folic acid for hair growth?

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​While folic acid deficiency can result in some hair loss, this usually does not occur in isolation

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While folic acid deficiency can result in some hair loss, this usually does not occur in isolation. Eggs, citrus fruits, and dark leafy vegetables are good for consuming folic acid (Vitamin B9). I would recommend an appropriate evaluation by a hair loss specialist for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. In the mean time I would recommend a supplement that contains more Vitamin B complexes as well-specifically, Biotin. A good example of a beneficial supplement to use for this would be Viviscal Professional. 

West Hollywood Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Understanding Hair loss and hair loss treatment options: hair transplant, prp and progesterone

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Folic acid won't improve hair growth. This requires an in-person evaluation. I suggest seeing a hair loss expert now to evaluate and go over your condition and provide you information about your best treatment options. There are great non-invasive options like prp/progesterone and/or Hair transplantation. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Folic Acid & Hair Growth

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Folic Acid doesn't have any correlation with promoting hair growth- the only reason you should be taking it is if you are otherwise deficient. There's no reason for a normal, healthy person to be taking extra unless a doctor tells them they are low in folic acid.

Sean Behnam, MD
Santa Monica Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Folic acid

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This vitamin, folic acid, has no relationship to hair loss so by taking it you should see no value with addressing your hair loss.  Your biggest enemy is the progressive thinning leading to a balding pattern that is not evident at this point in time. The degree of thinning that you are experiencing would suggest that you should see a doctor who most likely will get Bulk Measurements of your hair to determine the degree of the thinning that you are presently having. If the diagnosis is early genetic hair loss (the most common cause of hair loss in young men), then the best treatment would be the drug finasteride which is highly effective in men of your age and may not only stop the hair loss but possibly reverse it. If you are developing a more advanced balding pattern the best test to get will determine the Bulk Measurements of your hair and this will show, over a one-year time frame, how effective the treatment will be. Once you know this information, then you and your doctor need to develop a MASTER PLAN which will define what you need to do over the years to come.

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Folic acid - 400 micrograms needed per day

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Folic acid is needed for rapidly growing tissues. We need about 400 micrograms per day. Green leafy veggies are a great source. A cup of spinach or a cup of broccoli has about 250 micrograms. An orange has 40 micrograms.

Now back to your question. Women need folate during pregnancy and can easily become deficient because of the increased cell turnover in the developing fetus. In fact, folic acid is typically started before pregnancy to prevent deficiencies - and especially to prevent malformations in the baby's nervous system (called neural tube defects).

Many countries add folic acid to foods to help prevent babies being born with these neural tube defects. This includes Canada and the Unites States.

Does folic acid help hair? Well the answer for most is not much. But if one is deficient, there could be a role. Anyone can take folic acid if they are deficient or have poor dietary intake of this vitamin.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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