Chin reduction complications, please help

I had a chin/jaw reduction surgery last year. Its a little too small. The incision in my mouth and chin feel very tight and awkward. I don't think its feeling loss, it feels more like its twisted up inside, very tight and when I talk the muscling moves awkwardly. Could this be due to a poor surgery or scar tissue? I can feel deep lumps, could this be bone or scar tissue? Can something like this be fixed? Can I place an implant on top of my chin to even it out or would this cause even more issues

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Chin Reduction Issues

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Since you had an intraoral approach to your chin reduction this sounds like contracted scar tissue. At the least this needs to be released and you are correct in that some form of interface needs to be inserted at the release. I wold recommend a small dermal-fat graft as opposed to a chin implant as you don't want to augment your chin and you want to prevent a return of scar contracture.

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