Avoiding bone erosion of the chin and jaw following implant surgery?

Several Drs. have commented on bone erosion of the chin and jaw following implant surgery as a possible after effect. A few doctors have said that there is always some bone fading. I wonder if it would be a viable approach to apply HPA putty first to the site and then the implant over that and thus avoid or mitigate bone erosion. I imagine it would require two separate procedures over time. Any thoughts?

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Chin Implants and Bone Erosion

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The use of the term 'bone erosion' in relation to chin implants (not seen in jaw angle implants) is a misnomer and is biologically inappropriate. Been erosion implies an active inflammatory process that progressively destroys bone as a reaction to the material. In reality this is not what actually happens. The biologically correct term is 'implant settling', a passive process where the implant settles into the bone a few millimeters to relieve the pressure of the overlying chin tissue tightness. It is a self-limiting reaction that stops once the pressure is adequately relieved. Interestingly it is not seen in all chin implants and it is not necessarily related to the size of the implant. There is definitely a correlation to where the chin implant is on the bone as implants that sit up too high on the thinner bone develop a greater degree of it. There is little reason to pretreat a self-limited biologic process.

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