9 mo. post primary rhinoplasty, would appreciate the opinion of nose experts regarding my situation. Please review notes (Photo)

How much improvement can I expect re:photo? Notes on the procedure itself: Septal cartilage was placed to "ensure support for life". I know for sure a columella strut was used and I believe tip grafts as well. I am now stuck with a rock hard tip and columella which is upsetting as it does not seem as though this is going to ever be able to be "pushed in". I am residing away from the city of operation at the moment. Is swelling to blame? I hope the photos will allow for a thoughtful response!

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penmouse192, you are asymmetric in both your pre and post operative photos. Part of this is God given and not surgically induced. I would recommend you wait until you are one year post op and if you are still concerned see an experienced surgical specialist that has done "only faces" for decades. See the video and good luck!

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Thank you very much for sharing your concerns about your Rhinoplasty with us.

After having analyzed all the info and photos provided to us, i recommend to perform a Secondary Rhinoplasty (not a tip revision) this means (basically) treat the nasal bones and the nasal cartilages.
Therefore i would perform a narrowing of the nasal base (nose osteotomy) and alar and triangular cartilage shaping.

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

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Rhinoplasty at 9 months

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At 9 months out, the tip can be still swollen and firm. It might take some more time to soften. Be patient. For some it can take up to two years.

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