Is three thousand dollars too much for 4 temporary crowns?

My prosthdontist ( in NJ ) want to charge me $3,100 for four provisional (temporary) crowns. Is that the normal fee or is he charging me way too much?

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Is three thousand dollars too much for 4 temporary crowns?

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Fees vary thorough the country depending on the dentist, location, training and experience, amount of time and effort the dentist will expend, how difficult your case is, how long the temporary veneers will need to be kept in place, what kind of temporary veneers is he using (lab processed or made chairside from generic templates or from diagnostic waxup?).

Also, if your dentist is a fee for service practitioner or one who has made contracts to accept insurance company's fees?

Remember, your dentist is a prosthodontist (crown and bridge specilist), and they typically charge more than general dentists.

Saying all that, the fee you state is within a range than could be very appropriate.

Also, since dentistry is not a commodity and is a personalized and customized service that requires much education and training to do extremely well, always keep in mind you get what you pay for.

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