Is it too soon to have a seconds alar base reduction after 2 month of septo rhinoplasty n alarbase reduction? I'm very unhappy (

So I had my septo rhino and alar base reduction , and also a tip and bridge of my nose After 2 month , my nostril are very uneven .the tips of my nose is big I feel like my old nose look better than the new one . I spoke to my surgeon about it he gave me some storoid shot n told me to be patient that after 6 month they will do a second alar base reduction . . is this my final look if so how soon can get the alar base reduction . Did alar base reduction will fix my nose or do I need an whole new surgery .

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Rhinoplasty revision

Hi bibibore,

Yes it is too early for revision. I personally wait at least one year before nose revision surgery. Your doctor is right. You should be patient because following months your nose will change and you will have better idea about the shape of your nose. Good luck.

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