My Right Eye Tooth (Cupid) (Canine) is Above my Other Teeth? (photo)

I can't afford braces and it won't ever be an option. I'm already in my mid-twenties. Is it possible to just pull that tooth out? My teeth are acceptably straight, not counting the maxillary cuspid. My concern is that my right side would sink in or have some whole there if I removed it? I just want it gone. Is this a viable option at all?

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Extracting a blocked out tooth can be done

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I generally avoid giving personal advice on here for specific bites because to form a good clinical opinion, a doctor needs to have all the information.  This includes a face to face clinical exam.  So what I and any other doctors say here should not be taken as sound clinical advise until you have seen a doctor for a thorough evaluation.  What makes me laugh is people often asked questions about how their treatment is going ... when the best person to ask is the doctor  who is treating them, not an online message board.  That being said, from your photo it MAY BE feasible to have the canine tooth extracted.  The premolar (the tooth behind it) has a similar appearance from the front.  So when you smile no one may be able to tell the difference...especially if extracting the tooth leaves no space between adjacent teeth.  I wouldn't worry about your face caving in.  Gums should smooth out nicely as they heal.  You may want to consider some short, limited retainer or aligner treatment to move the lateral incisor (the one in front of the blocked out tooth) forward a touch.  I hope this helps.

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