Had Mastopexy and Uplift. Surgeon Found a Rupture! I've Been Having Systemic Symptoms. Is It Likely to Be Due to Leakage?

I (unknowingly) had the banned PIP implants fitted in '99. Scan last yr revealed they were intact. Had mastopexy/ uplift today and surgeon found on had completely ruptured! I've been having inv for 6/12 for ? Rh Arthritis/ lupus (painful limbs etc) but all bloods were negative. Putting 2+2 together and think due to implant Ieakage. Scared. Will this stuff always be in my system or will it be expelled now implants are gone? Not worried about cancer etc- just leakage long term effects.

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Breast Augment

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Tough problem, I would suggest getting a consult with a rheumatologist. Some surgeons have discussed removing implants with people with ongoing connective tissue diseases

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