Should I leave in my 4 crowns?

18 months ago I had 4 crowns put on my front teeth. Ever since, my gums above the crowns have been very red and swollen. It was a biologic width issue. I was told I need crown lengthening and have to replace the crowns. I am very upset by this because I do not have the money to replace my 18 month old crowns. If I decided to keep my old crowns in place and my gums remain red and swollen , what would happen eventually?

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Should I have my 4 crowns redone because the gums are always swollen and inflammed?

The issue of swollen, red gums can be caused from the edge of the crowns being too close to the bone (biologic width issue, as your dentist mentioned), the crowns being ill fitting, remaining cement around the crowns or poor oral hygiene.

Do your crowns have to be remade? Well, if you needed crown lengthening before, you will still need them again before placing new crowns. Suggest you be evaluated by a periodontist (gum and bone dentist, specialist). He may be able to do your crown lengthening without you needing to have your crowns remade.

Also, some dentists and periodontists utilize a dental laser to do the crown lengthening. You might want to find someone who does this so that you can have the option of either way to have your crown lengthening procedure.

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Gingivitis, Periodontitis. bone loss.

Dear exoticbeauty:

I am sorry to hear of your troubles. Nevertheless, you must have the crowns replaced. If you leave the crowns in place, you will have chronic gum inflammation called gingivitis. Your gums will bleed as a symptom. However, the real problem will be with the margins of the crowns, the end by the gum. They are probably too thick and you cannot clean underneath. This will result in accumulation of plaque, bacteria and their products under the crowns. This will create tooth decay under the crowns. In addition, when the plaque hardens, it will become calculus, tartar. These hardened deposits will cause bone loss and the eventual loss of your teeth and bone.

Do not take chances. Go see a Prosthodontist, the specialist in restorations dentistry to have proper work done.

Best of luck,

Zev Kaufman, DDS
New York Prosthodontist

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