Invisalign or Invisalign Express? (photo)

I've been to 5 different orthodontists & am ready to make a decision.Today( a week & a half after my consult) I got a call from one DR telling me after reviewing my chart I'm a candidate for invisalign express which is cheaper & quicker.I was never told this at my apt.I am now confused! Am I candiate for express?A different dentist told me I would be looking at about a year. My main complaint was the "pointy" over bite and the teeth on the bottom that look like they are trying to move sideways.

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Invisaling versus Invisalign express

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The orthodontist treating you would determine the best treatment approach to get your teeth not only looking straight, but to also ensure that your bight fits properly. Most treating doctors will not qualify patients as an express case or not, but on what will be needed to get them to the best result possible.  Your problem does appear as something that would need a little more time.

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Invisalign Express is better suited for minor tooth movement.

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Based on the photos you submitted, you should be treated as a FULL Invisalign case as there is significant tooth movement necessary for you to correct the bite and alignment issues you describe. In my opinion, it would be a mistake to try to tackle this using Invisalign Express which would most likely be rejected by the laboratory if it was submitted for this anyway. You have overjet and alignment issues that, if addressed with a full Invisalign treatment, will result in a very successful finish and a beautiful smile for you! 

Invisalign or Invisalign express for me

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Based on the photos that you have provided I think Invisalign Full would be better.  The biggest difference between the Full and Express is that it is slightly less expensive but you have less refinements (tweaks) available to use with the express.  I almost always prefer full cases for this reason. 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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