I Have Had 3 Revision Rhinoplastys my Nose Still Looks Droopy and Uneven - And my Breathing is Still Not Good? (photo)

I have had 3 revision rhinoplastys my nose still looks droopy and uneven.The problem is the skin in my tip is thin and gets red and blue at times -ongoing for 5 months . I still have terrible breathing also . I would like to have my nose made smaller and my breathing restored. will my skin issue become worse or ruin my chance to have a decent nose again ? Is there any laser or treatment to help the skin (less red and less blue hue)?this nose really takes away from my quality of life .

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Red and blue nasal tip skin

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Do you have Rosacea as following rhinoplasty I have seen this problem with patients with Rosacea. You can get Nasal Airflow studies to measure the degree of nasal obstruction. A good Facial Plastic Surgeon with Skin care knowledge should be able to make a diagnosis and come up with a plan for your skin and your nose.

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