I Received Different Answers from Three Doctors, Will Invisalign Actually Work for Me? (photo)

About 12 years ago I had my braces removed which fixed a huge gap in between my front two teeth.I am still un happy with my smile.I found three doctors and set up invisalign consultations. The first doctor told me I was a great candidate, the second told me invisalign wouldn't work for me and I would only get small results that wouldn't be noticeable, the third doctor told me I was a great candiadate. So, I am confused! Would invisalign help me? Or is there something else that would be better?

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Will invisalign work for me

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Thanks for sharing your photos.  It does appear from the photos that you would be a good candidate for invisalign.  If you came into my office I would treat you with invisalign.  I would seek care from one of the dentists who said that they could treat a case like yours.

Invisalign is great for cases like your...with one exception

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Invisalign is great at taking care of small movements needed after orthodontic relapse.  It would be helpful in reducing your overbite.  The problem I see however is your upper rigth central incisor.  It is tipped, creating what is called a "black triangle" between your incisors.  To take care of it with Invisalign is one of those less predictable movements.  It would require some small tooth colored attachments on your front teeth to be effective.  If you are going to do that, you might as well just get braces which will be highly effective.  If you are dead set on Invisalign, see if your orthodontist will do braces on just a few teeth for just a few months to tip the one, and then swap it out for Invisalign to take care of the arch shape and overbite.  It's a good way to go.

Doug Depew, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

Will Invisalign work for me when Im getting different opinions?

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Your upper teeth are protruding outwards with an overjet. The upper arch looks narrow and collapsed.

Invisalign can reverse the overjet by expanding the dental arch and also allowing the front teeth to come in. You may need some small enamel adjustments at the end.

The other was would be to push your back teeth backwards and allow the front teeth to come back as well.

In my opinion no teeth need to be removed.

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign?

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It's never a bad idea to get multiple opinions if you have any question in your mind about recommendations being made. Two of three doctors said you are a candidate for Invisalign and I concur. Invisalign was actually developed to treat orthodontic relapse. You will probably require tooth slenderizing to do any orthodontic treatment, especially Invisalign. Tooth slenderizing does NOT harm teeth and provides the necessary space to align teeth and make them more stable in their new position.


Good luck!

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