What Should I Do Next for Fixing Tuberous Breast with Breast Aug? (photo)

I had BA in 4/11 to fix tuberous breast. Within that time i've had 1 surgery to fix CC & 3 in office surgeries to fix the areola sizes. I just had my third in office surgery which my Dr said would be the last one. Things look great but now 3 weeks after this surgery my areolas look uneven and different sizes again. I feel like i'm doing these surgeries for nothing.I understand I will never get a perfect result but is it even possible to get my areolas to a semi even size? What else can be done?

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Fixing Right Breast Fold Probably More Important!

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Obviously, you can't do anything right now but be patient and enjoy the summer.  I'm not sure why your PS is having such a difficult time matching your areolar size...they may never be identical but their dimensions should be within a millimeter or two of each other.  

One other thing and I don't mean to upset you, but to me the shape of breasts bothers me more than the difference in areolar size.  The right breast sits lower and appears flatter from the areola down to the breast fold while the left breast has a beautiful, natural shape (at least from the view you have provided).  If you are going to do another procedure, I would first suture the right breast fold internally and only then determine the exact position of the areola.  You have a good result but it can definitely be improved.  Be patient and GOOD LUCK!

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

What Should I Do Next for Fixing Tuberous Breast with Breast Aug?

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       The areolae after the revision are closer in size than before and represent a definite improvement.  I would let the result progress for 3 to 6 months.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

What Should I Do Next for Fixing Tuberous Breast with Breast Aug?

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A before the original surgery would be nice to have posted. I bet the result is excellent and the "tweaking" operations are just that! Best to live with results for a few more months before having further surgery. 

Healing time before revision surgery on tuberous breast

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Overall your result is quite nice for a tuberous breast, though I agree there are still some issues. I would recommend waiting a minimum of 6-12 months before considering anything more. One option that i have found useful in maitaining areolar diameter is a donut Strattice graft. Link to the publication below.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Time to give repeated areolar touch up surgery a break

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It seems you are trying to achieve the unachievable. Absolute symmetry is not possible and it seems you need to give it a break.  I do not believe you will ever achieve absolute symmetry.  Your result looks quite good at this point.  I am sure your surgeon is trying to make you happy but enough is enough.   

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Repeat procedures for tuberous breast deformity

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I agree that you need to take a break from the OR. Tuberous breast deformity can be improved but, honestly, never completely corrected. Under those circumstances, this is a reasonable result. Try not to think of what else could be done and focus on the improvement you have already achieved. Best wishes. Dr K

What Next after Several Operations for Tuberous Breasts?

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 Thank you for the question and pictures.  It does seem like you have a significant  for improvement with the symmetry of the areola,  achieved with your last operation.  Also, overall you do have a nice result given  your starting point of tuberous breasts.

At this point, given your history of multiple operations, I suggest that you take a break from surgery and get your breasts a rest ( poetry as well as advice…).  Allow the  breast implants, breast tissue and overlying skin to  “equilibrate”;  revisit additional areola  surgery 1 to 2 years from now.  You may need to look into the details of the areola reduction ( such as the use of permanent suture or not…) to determine whether  a different “technique” should be used in the future.

Enjoy the significant improvements that you have achieved in the meantime.

Best wishes.

A conventional mastopexy will be required to decrease the size of the areola and generate symmetry.

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My opinion you have had too many operations. A well performed mastopexy should allow symmetrical areola in good shape to the breasts. This will involve at least a vertical incision below the areola.

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