Should I Find a Different Invisalign Provider? (photo)

After a few consults for invisalign I decided on a DR.However, something he said bothered me & I am not sure what it means.My main concern which I told him is my overjet or overbite and the pointy two front teeth, along with the mild crowding on the bottom.He told me the pointyness and overcrowding can be fixed.But he doesn't see a reason to fix the overjet/overbite because it doesn't interfere with my normal face& lips.Does this mean it can't be fixed?Should I find someone else or is he right?

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Is my dentist right in my planning?

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if you look carefully at your photos, you have

minimal overbite

minimal overjet, except ur1 incisor which is rotated

you cannot increase the vertical overlap(overbite) because that would mean pulling all your upper teeth down and you would show to much on smiling; this is a facial height prblem

the rotated incisors wen corrected should bite on or near the lower incisors and hence very little overjet

I don't think you need the overjet or overbite correcting as it is such a small problem

your dentist is right and i have seen much worse cases where we would talk about overjet. Overbite very difficult to increase because little overbite is usually a sign of a longer lower jaw.


Should I find a different invisalign provider

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In my opinion you are not getting the answers to your questions from your current dentist and the things that you want to be corrected should be fairly easy to do.  I would speak to your dentist one more time before making that decision.  Good luck with your decision.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Should I Find Another Invisalign Provider?

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You should always feel comfortable with anyone who is going to move your teeth. Based on your photos, your overbite is already ideal and your overjet can easily be corrected with Invisalign with lower protrusion and perhaps some minimal upper retraction. Your case should turn out beautifully.


Good luck!

Getting another Invisalign opinion or provider.

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Based on your photos and your concerns, I would advise you to seek another opinion and possibly another provider. Overbite and overjet conditions and can make your teeth prone to injury (chipping), gum or joint problems. The photos you submitted appear to support an Invisalign treatment plan to correct this condition.

Finding a Different Invisalign Provider

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The fact that you are asking this question online, rather than getting an adequate explanation from your dentist, leads me to believe you should seek another provider. You are entitled to have your questions and concerns answered so that you understand the answer. The overbite/overjet will probably be improved with treatment, although it might not be totally corrected.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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