Can I Develop a Seroma 12 Weeks Post Op?

my tummy got swollen and it hurt. not only on top of incision, but the whole tummy was swollen. I have been wearing the compression garment since surgery. just take if off a few hours during the day. I probably dint use it two to three nights but Im pretty consistent with it. when can I expect to go back to complete normality?

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? seroma

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Yes seromas may develp weeks after surgery but rare.  Your description of what is going on is unclear so it is impossible to say that you have a seroma. Best thing to do is go back to your plastic surgeon who can make this diagnosis.

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Seroma development

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Seroma can develop even 12 weeks postop. Your description of the situation isn't clear and so I can't comment further. However, I would encourage you to return to your plastic surgeon for evaluation and followup.

Can I Develop a Seroma 12 Weeks Post Op?

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Yes a seroma can develop this late. Without a photo, (or better yet a visit to your surgeon) I would not venture a guess as to  the cause of the swelling. My ability to answer the last question is also compromised by lack of photo--think about attaching one.


Do call into your surgeon. If this is a seroma, it needs to be addressed. Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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