Six Days After my Tummy Tuck, I Fainted While Sitting in a Chair and Fell to the Floor. It Was After Meeting with my PS?

Since I was still in my doctors building, my husband took me back up to see her. She wasn't concerned (other than making sure I didn't hit my head), and didn't want to look at my incisions again. Today, the day after, I have a pulling sensation on my right side. Should I be concerned?

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Fainting and tummy tucks

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There is a multitude of reasons why you may have fainted.  Assuming you did not lose an extraordinary amount of blood at surgery or have a large hematoma under your tummy skin and you don't have heart issues, the cause of fainting if probably not life threatening.  Regardless, if you're still feeling faint and your vitals are concerning (low blood pressure, high heart rate), you should consider getting evaluated for other treatable reasons and contact your surgeon.  As for the pulling sensations, if it worsens, you should let your surgeon know as she is the only one that know what underlies that area as she was there during your procedure.

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With a new symptom, a call to your surgeon is most appropriate. With a few questions, your surgeon will decide whether you should be seen ahead of your next scheduled appointment. 

You didn't comment as to whether any comment was made as to the cause of fainting, or if you have felt light-headed at all since then. Blood loss during (and after) surgery, fluid depletion, blood clots are among the usual suspects.

If no concern is expressed and you are still having symptoms, a call to your primary physician would be in order. Best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Fall after tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question.  I am sorry that you are having a problem after your surgery.  I would echo what the other surgeons have said. If you are having new, unusual sensations in the operative area, you should be evaluated by your surgeon.   The other concern is to assess why you fainted.   This could be something simple like dehydration or standing up too quickly, but certainly warrants further investigation.   Good luck.

Passing out following an abdmominoplasty

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Passing out following in the early peri-operative period is a cause for concern and serious medical conditions must be ruled out.  You may have experienced lightheadedness due to hypovolemia, an irregular heart beat, reaction to medication, bleeding, loss of blood volume or even a blood clot or pulmonary embolism.  If your symptoms persist you should be evaluated immediately.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Fainting after tummy tuck

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If you are having a new pain after falling in the immediate post-operative period from a tummy tuck, you definitely should be examined by your surgeon.  The bigger issue is why did you faint?  Were you dehydrated?  Was it the pain medicine?  I recommend that you discuss this as well with your surgeon.

Concerns after Tummy Tuck Surgery and Fall?

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Sorry to hear about your fall. It sounds like you are  already concerned ( otherwise you would not be posting the question). For meaningful advise and/or reassurance direct physical examination would be necessary.   Online consultants can only speculate and/or provide you with well-intentioned ( but not precise) reassurance.

 If you have noticed any change in your physical examination or simply have concerns, I'm sure your plastic surgeon will not mind evaluating you again in person.

 Best wishes.

Fall after tummy tuck

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You should be okay. Are you going back next week for a regular followup with your plastic surgeon?  When you look at your abdomen does it look okay and flat? The pain might be just some muscle pulling which would be okay.

Adrian Lo, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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