Are Butt Enhancement Supplements Safe to Take After Bbl or Even in General?

had bbl proc. 3 mnths ago and it didn't work too well. was left w/scars, a slightly smaller stomach and butt has decreased a great deal. its flatter than before the procedure. Instead of going through pain of a round 2, i was thinking about taking butt enhancement supplements that boasts natural ingredients (maca root, dong quai, saw palmetto,soy extracts,rose hip, dandelion, etc etc) but was wondering if this may affect my results even more or are dangerous? Any advice from the doctors on this?

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Are butt supplements safe to use after the BBL?

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I am sorry to hear that your butt augmentation with fat transplantation didn't work out well. It is important to bear in mind that in about 30%  of the patients there can be significant asorption of fat and that a second fat grafting is necessary after abbout 3 months. In our series of many hundreds of patients if a second procedure becomes necessary it almost always works without any real absorption of fat. I would stay away from butt supplements beacsue they do not work. You can save your money and frustration by avoiding them. I would suggest that you seek consultation for a second BBL assuming you have enough fat. You should return to your surgeon if you are comfortable woth him/her.

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