NY Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery?

I really would like to have a BBL but my biggest concern is the recovery. I have a desk job and sit 9am-7pm for the most part. I would only be able to take two days off at most. If i were to get the surgery on a thursday that would give me 4 days to recover...then back to my desk job! What are your thoughts? Is it bad to sit for hours on your butt after the surgery?

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Recovery After Brazilian Butt Lift

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2-4 days is just not enough time off from work for this operation.  I would recommend a minimum of 7 but more likely 10 days off, especially since you sit at your job.

Work after buttock surgery

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Hello. Thanks for your inquiry. I agree that you should be fine to go back to work in terms of pain , swelling etc. The only issue would be avoidance of sitting on/pressure on the transplanted fat. We advise of special chair and/or thigh and back cushions that you could use to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks. 

Sanjay Lalla, MD, FACS
West Orange Plastic Surgeon
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Is 4 days enough to recover from a BBL and return to desk work?

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Most patients undergoing the BBL in my office do not have much pain after 2-3 days. And most patients return to work in less than a week; some after just 3-4 days. What is important is to not sit for prolonged periods of time. Try to get up every 30-45 minutes and walk around for a few minutes to relieve some of the pressure on the buttocks. If possible, it would be useful to sit on a "doughnut".Good luck1

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

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I perform 4-5 BBLs per week and the majority of my patients are surprised by the lack of severe pain. They are certainly sore and swollen, and do require pain medicine, but they usually feel well enough to go to work 5-7 days later. When I perform a BBL on a Thursday, my patients often return to work Monday. Your surgeon should be able to instruct you as to the proper way to sit so that you do not injure the newly transplanted fat.

Brazilian Butt Lift, candidate, recovery

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Dear Buttgirl

The Brazilian Butt Lift should not be associated with significant pain.

The areas suctioned are usually sore for several days.  On occasion a patient experiences mild pain necessitating oral medication.

The fat is usually injected into the upper and outer parts of the buttocks which are not exposed to pressure when one sits upright or sleeps on the side.

Injection of too much fat into any area is to be avoided as it can lead to development of painful oil cysts.

If all goes well patients may return to work in four days.

Please consult in person with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making treatment decisions


Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

4 Days of Recovery after Brazilian Buttlift and Sitting Hours at a Time

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   4 days is not much time, but this depends upon how much is liposuctioned, how much is transferred, and how well a patient tolerates pain.  I typically liposuction 5 liters and transfer 1200 cc to 1500 cc per buttock, and patients go back to work in a week.  With regard to sitting, I tell my patients not to put pressure on the fat for 6 weeks, but this is not practical for most.  The best you can do is to get up every 30 minutes or an hour and relieve the pressure for a few seconds.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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